Project Details

Kirigami 101 is an interactive art piece that invites the audience to explore Japan’s traditional craftsmanship of paper-cutting with modern techniques using infographic designs. Speckle tone paper was used throughout the exhibition to represent the natural elements found in paper. A crimson red used throughout the design to represent the usage of red throughout Japanese culture as well as the red sun of Japan's flag, the Hinomaru (sun disk).

HAND-CUT BOOK | Intricately cut-out books on Kirigami are placed at the entrance of the installation. Some highlights within the book include koi fish, the great Torii, cranes and a lotus. This book takes you through the introduction of Kirigami, the differences between kirigami and origami, and a step by step guide to create a lotus candle placemat/decor.

PAPER LANTERN – INTERACTIVE STATION | An interactive station is placed in the center of the installation to engage the audience in the craft of Kirigami. The visitor would follow a step-by-step infographic guide01 that’s placed in the middle of the table to create a paper lantern. The idea is to create a family-friendly environment. Using this art form as the crafting medium to bring family and friends together. In this case, children can participate and welcome the feeling of being able to touch something within a gallery.

WALL SCROLLS | The trio scrolls are inspired by the Japan scrolls of storytelling. The movement of the pieces on the scroll guides your eyes from one scroll to another using a falling pedal, the movement of the koi fish, and the crane.

TAKEAWAYS | These hand-cut takeaways include a thank you note, our business card, four sheets of decorative paper (3” x 3”), and step-by-step instructions to fold and cut a Kirigami candle decoration (seen in the Kirigami 101 Book). The Kirigami lotus candle placemat/decor requires more steps compared to the paper lantern shown in the show. However, we wanted the viewer to take a piece of our show home, as a gift, in hopes of educating them in something new.

  • Installation IUB Grunwald Gallery
  • Completed on 21st April 2015
  • Programs Adobe Illustrator
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